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Last updated March 2023


In any given year, there are roughly 35,000 screenplays registered with the Writers Guild of America. Only around 1,000 are purchased; and of those, just 400 for Hollywood-level money. And only about 250 are then turned into movies.


Those numbers paint a grim picture—until you realize that over 90 percent of screenplays are so fundamentally flawed that they can be rejected within 10 minutes of a reader flipping through their pages.


The real competition for the 1,000 sales a year is among 3,500 screenwriters who "get" what's needed—i.e., have a screenplay with a strong high concept, rock-solid structure, a compelling main character with a memorable arc, a clear target audience, and so on.


And beyond those fundamentals, the winners will be the writers who have a fresh , smart approach that makes them stand out from the crowd. This extra quality cuts the real competition to under 2,000—at which point the chances of a sale are around 1 in 2.


If you're a skilled writer, good listener, and hard worker, I can help you make sure your movie rises to this top 5 percent of the screenplay market.


No matter how stellar your writing skills, there will be periods during your script's development when you'll find it tough to clearly identify its flaws on your own. It's during these times when you'll benefit from a fresh pair of eyes to provide you with an experienced, objective, and honest outside perspective.


My name is Hy Bender, and I've analyzed and helped fix hundreds of screenplays. I've done this for writers ranging from total beginners to screenwriters who've had Hollywood features produced. Regardless of your level of experience, I'll take your work very seriously and tell you how to make it better.


I charge $800 to carefully read your screenplay (120 pages or less) and then call you for a 3-hour phone discussion. I'll clearly describe where your screenplay is strong and where it has issues, and provide on-target suggestions to improve it. I'll also explain in detail any storytelling conventions that aren't being met in your screenplay. This conversation may save you from months or years of going down wrong paths, not just for your current screenplay but for everything you write going forward.


After that, you can simply go off on your own and make the improvements we discussed. If you want additional help, though, we can discuss your hiring me to either coach you in improving your screenplay or fixing it for you as a script doctor.

Alternatively, if you have a book that you want to convert into a screenplay, you can hire me for that as well, as I'm one of the few script doctors available who's also an expert on books. To learn more, please visit my book site at BookProposal.net.


Hy Bender


My credentials as an expert story analyst include:




Hy Bender

Five of Hy's 20+ books


I'm happy to help writers at any experience level.  Please just know that I'll treat you like a professional—that is, I'll be bluntly honest, and cut to the chase by focusing on your script's problems. If you have a thin skin, I'm not the analyst for you.


But if you want extraordinarily on-target feedback about flaws in your screenplay that may have slipped by you and thoughtful suggestions for fixing them, I'd love to be of service. My goal is to help eliminate your script's weaknesses and enhance its strengths to vastly increase its chances of success.


Hy Bender


Here's what some of my clients have said about my services:


Hy's work is insightful, on point, and most important—helpful. If you're looking for an honest take on your story, analyzing every aspect from theme to tone to character to plot, I can't recommend anyone more. A 30-minute conversation with Hy cleared up issues I couldn't crack in three weeks of rewrites. I will never send out another script without first getting a lookover from Hy.

Andrew Lobel, a Hollywood hot talent represented by William Morris Endeavor whose work includes writing the upcoming big-budget science fiction/adventure feature film Artemis for 20th Century Fox and co-writing the $70 million sword & sorcery feature film Conan the Barbarian.


Among your most critical resources as a screenwriter are people you trust to read your script and then give you honest and insightful feedback. That's what's so great about Hy; he's extremely honest and very knowledgeable about screenplays. Hy really knows what he's talking about, and he's one of the few people I listen to regarding my work. Hy is a great resource.

Brendan Beseth, whose writing credits include the 2000 feature film Lucky Town starring Kirsten Dunst and James Caan.


Hy helped me develop my first screenplay from its initial draft to its final (and very different) version, many rewrites later. It was a lot of work; but I was thrilled to then land a manager on the strength of that single movie script. I've since written a second screenplay, and am now developing a third—and still regularly turn to Hy for his feedback.

Mariah Wilson, whose second screenplay was optioned; who's written & directed the documentaries Revealing Hate and Volunteer; and who's written for the TV shows Twist of Fate and Off the Hook.


The worst thing a screenwriter can do is send a script into the marketplace before the pages are ready. Hy's analysis of my screenplay didn't pull any punches. His comments were sometimes humbling, but were also extremely understandable and easy to apply. After integrating Hy's notes, my screenplay is 100% stronger, particularly in theme and execution of my premise. I feel my script will now stand up to even the most discerning studio reader.
Allan Fair, who's contributed to HBO's Entourage; has had sitcom pilots under consideration at CBS, ABC and NBC; has won Scriptapalooza and TV Writer scriptwriting contests; and is prominently featured on the ScreenStyle DVD How to Pitch Your Movie Idea.


Hy, when I sent my sitcom pilot to be critiqued I was thinking you'd find a few more jokes to squeeze out of it.  Boy, were my expectations exceeded!  Sure my script has more jokes, but your forcing me to think more about the characters and theme makes the script funnier on a holistic level.  Even the premise is funnier!  I can't thank you enough.
Allan Fair (see above)


Note: Before you send your script to anyone, I highly recommend registering it with the US Copyright Office at copyright.gov/registration. It's a quick process, and the $45 fee is worth it for peace of mind alone. In addition, you can register it with the Writers Guild of America East  (WGAEeast.org, for $25) or the Writers Guild of America West (WGARegistry.org, for $20); this can be of further help if any ownership or credit disputes arise.


Hy Bender


If you're interested in hiring me, please email information about your screenplay and your phone number to hy@hyreviews.com.


In addition, if you'd like help developing a book (for example, to lay a strong marketing and legal foundation for your movie), please visit my book service at BookProposal.net.


For my comedy coverage on Twitter, please visit @hybender.



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